Covid 19 

What DFF is doing about covid 19?

classes will be held outside until Oct 5th,2020. After the warm weather concludes classes will take place indoors with special COVID regulations.
Upon arrival class participates should be wearing a mask until safely distanced from other participants. Each participant will be required to take a no touch temperature and will be offered sanitizer upon entering. 

During the class you will not be required to wear a mask, however, after the class we encourage you to put your mask on until you return safely to your car.

Remain 6 feet away from other participants. You will have plenty of space to spread out.

Please use the restroom before arriving.

If you have any questions regarding safety please let me know
  • Limit to lesser of  10 guests in the building (please pre-register for classes).

  • Reception halls are limited to lesser of 25 guests or 25 percent of overall room capacity

  • No party buses

  • Gaming and Casinos close at 11:00pm, are limited to 25 percent capacity, and follow mitigations for bars and restaurants, if applicable

The best way to stop the spread of coronavirus is to practice social distancing. Social distancing means staying away from others as much as possible, both in public and private spaces. The IDPH further outlines exactly how Illinoisans can practice social distancing:

  • Stay six feet away from others. Exchange verbal greetings instead of hugs or handshakes. Chicago officials also recommend an elbow bump instead of a handshake.

  • Work with your employer to find alternate ways to work. While many jobs require social interaction and must go on, those who work in offices should find ways to work remotely and minimize in-person meetings.

  • Avoid public transportation and travel in general to areas with high rates of the coronavirus.

  • Avoid going to large events. The state has already taken action to limit event sizes to fewer than 1,000 people and has asked any event with over 250 people be canceled through May 1. Avoid going to any sporting event that has not been canceled, visiting crowded stores or attending religious services. The Archdiocese of Chicago canceled all Masses in Cook and Lake counties until further notice.